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Wild Women's Circle: Womb Wisdom

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Introducing Wild Women’s Circle to The Bohemian with the Wild Woman that Howls, JMac! These circles are an incredible way to unite women of all walks of life and provide a safe space to explore our innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires!

Through experiences designed to awaken our intuition, we connect to our wild spirit, contemplate what it means to live authentically, and honor our divine feminine and truest selves. Together, we create a safe space to explore our innermost thoughts, feelings, fears, and desires and craft intentions to help us honor the wise wisdom we receive. So come join us in circle and let’s howl!!!

Meet the Wild Woman that howls, Jmac!

“Hello! My name is JMac and the art of healing fills my soul cup. I love exploring the beautiful intersections between Western,  Eastern, and ancestral medicine. I am a physician by trade and my spiritual journey has led me to study many healing arts, such as reiki, herbalism, meditation, breath work, and intuition development. Several years ago, I became a women's circle facilitator through The Wild Woman Project. One of my greatest joys is co-creating sacred space for women to come together to reflect, rejoice, rewild and rediscover their untamed and authentic selves. Hope to see you in Circle!”

JULY: New Moon in Cancer: Womb Wisdom

RSVP for our juicy Womb Wisdom Wild Women’s Circle! This upcoming July in watery Cancer ushers in nurturing, tender, and sensitive energy. Together, we will harness this energy to turn inward and explore our womb space. With a focus on clairsentience, we will practice our ability to intuitively feel energy within ourselves. 

Womb Wisdom is about feeling into that creative part of ourselves, our intuition, our divine feminine. This is an all-inclusive experience for anyone who identifies as woman - whether you have a physical uterus or not, whether you are on the path of motherhood or not, whether you frequently connect with your womb or whether the idea is completely foreign. 

Our circle will include:
-Guided Visualization
-Sacred sharing (always optional!)
-Intention Setting
-Womb Blessing

Please come prepared to this circle wearing something loose fitting around the belly. We need to feel free and unrestricted as we feel into this fiery space of creation! We recommend bringing a journal and a writing utensil. Limited space available.

When- July 16th 7-9pm
Where- 85 South River Rd. Unit 3 Next to Staples in the Kohls plaza
Pricing- $20pp

***Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable under any circumstances. The reselling of tickets is prohibited and will not be honored***