Shift Your Energy

Tea Time with Spirit: A series of Evenings designed to connect with your Spirit Guides (Tilton Location Only)

Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to send you messages? Notice signs and synchronicities that seem to only be for you?

In an open and inviting experience with Lauren Biddle, learn who your Spirit Guides are, how to connect with them, and receive channeled messages while enjoying a cup o' tea. Why join the 'Tea Time with Spirit' Series?*

● Begin to feel confident in your connection to the Spirit World through your own exploration.

● Gain a greater sense of peace and calm: Feeling overwhelmed by Spirituality? Lauren brings a grounded, gentle approach to Spirit to guide you home to yourself.

● Empower yourself to trust your own intuition by learning the language of Spirit.

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Tarot Tuesdays

Enjoy a custom intuitive reading experience during our Tarot Tuesdays!

Walk-in readings available in Tilton on the last Tuesday of each month, and in Bedford EVERY Tuesday both from 12-3PM!